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Hi! I'm Trevor Mendham, writer of horror/dark urban fantasy stories: sometimes scary, sometimes nasty, sometimes even funny. This page lists my currently available ebooks, there's also a latest news blog. Thanks for stopping by.

What's worse than being trapped in your nightmares? Being trapped in the nightmares of other people.

That's what happens to Stuart and Darren when they take a new street drug called Fuse. It's supposed to allow an empathic merging of minds. Instead, they find themselves part of a group trapped in a world where their worst fears come true.

White & Black is a short story of around 6,000 words. It's the first episode of the Nightmare Fuse series of survival horror stories.

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In a quiet English town, the dead are returning to life and eating the living. The zombie apocalypse has begun.

Zombie Shards is a collection of linked short stories and vignettes that follow the early stages of the outbreak through an assortment of characters. Some will survive, other will not be so lucky.

Ellen the tourist, Charlene the bus driver and George the cat owner are just three of the people you'll meet in this book. Join them in their battle against the undead.

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A man wakes as a zombie... a goblin raids the refrigerator at night... a young girl and her teddy face a monster...

Rest In Fear is a collection of twelve short horror stories. Some are subtle, some are darkly humorous, some are distinctly nasty.

"I bet that every reader will find something in this book that'll rattle their brains." - Readers Favorite review

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A second collection of twelve short, scary stories covering topics from the horror/dark urban fantasy genres. Styles range from the bizarre through darkly humorous to distinctly nasty, with topics ranging from serial killers to vampires.

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Contact: trevor@trevormendhamfiction