September 18 2017

Rest In Fear 2


Rest In Fear 2 is now available on Amazon. Another 12 short, scary stories covering a variety of styles and topics.

The stories are:

  • Cheating Death
    A man learns how to beat the Grim Reaper
  • The Gift
    What’s in the box?
  • Bad Hair Day
    And you thought your hair was misbehaving…
  • VampNoMore
    A dreadful mis-stake
  • The Killer
    The making of a serial killer
  • Contact
    Ethan finds a downed alien spaceship
  • No Conclusions
    A fire in a chemical factory
  • All Clear
    Every time he crosses the road he hears a car approaching him
  • Sweet Dreams
    Dreams can become nightmares
  • Picture Of Misery
    He finds an old painting in a junk shop. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Perfect Day
    Falling through blackness, forever
  • Night Of Passion
    Solar flares cause people to behave strangely

I’ve spent days proof-reading the stories, but there’s probably at least one mistake I’ve missed. If you find one, please let me know. Thanks.

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September 4 2017


Work is well under way on Rest In Fear 2, my second collection of short, scary stories. As with the first book, this one will contain 12 stories varying from the darkly humorous through the bizarre to the downright nasty.

I currently have eleven stories pretty much finished and have started the last one. Once I finish number twelve I’ll go back and edit all of them one final time. Then it’ll be hours and hours and hours of detailed proof-reading.

If things go well I should have it ready to roll in a couple of weeks. Whatever happens I’m determined to make sure it’s available to download before the end of September, ready for the Halloween season.

I’ll keep you all informed…

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August 8 2017

Rest In Fear

My first self-published collection of short stories – Rest In Fear – is now available on Amazon.

The book contains 12 stories, four of which have been published previously and eight of which are brand new. The twelve stories are:

  • Rest In Peace
    A dead man wakes up in a coffin
  • The Clown
    A woman returning home sees a clown ahead
  • Monday Morning Meeting
    How would you react if a tree spoke to you?
  • Last Night
    Amy and Teddy are scared of monsters
  • Calls Waiting
    A call centre receives a rather strange request
  • Play On
    If music be the food of lust…
  • Commuting
    Memories of my daily commute, or at least how it felt
  • Troublemakers
    Three guys argue about how to spend the night
  • As Above
    A man attempts a black magic ritual
  • The Stranger
    That weird guy in the pub? He’s a vampire!
  • Th Goblin In The Fridge
    A hungry goblin raids the fridge overnight
  • The End
    A woman considers suicide

Some of the stories are funny, some are extremely nasty – strictly for adults only.

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