August 8 2017

Rest In Fear

My first self-published collection of short stories – Rest In Fear – is now available on Amazon.

The book contains 12 stories, four of which have been published previously and eight of which are brand new. The twelve stories are:

  • Rest In Peace
    A dead man wakes up in a coffin
  • The Clown
    A woman returning home sees a clown ahead
  • Monday Morning Meeting
    How would you react if a tree spoke to you?
  • Last Night
    Amy and Teddy are scared of monsters
  • Calls Waiting
    A call centre receives a rather strange request
  • Play On
    If music be the food of lust…
  • Commuting
    Memories of my daily commute, or at least how it felt
  • Troublemakers
    Three guys argue about how to spend the night
  • As Above
    A man attempts a black magic ritual
  • The Stranger
    That weird guy in the pub? He’s a vampire!
  • Th Goblin In The Fridge
    A hungry goblin raids the fridge overnight
  • The End
    A woman considers suicide

Some of the stories are funny, some are extremely nasty – strictly for adults only.

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