August 22 2017

About Me

As a writer I really shouldn’t hate writing a biography, but I do. Oh well, here goes.

I’m Trevor Mendham, born 196x in England. I attended Warwick University where I gained my degree in Maths then went on from there to work in the computer industry in London. I did everything from coding and support in small companies to systems admin and architectural design in massive ones.

Unfortunately the IT industry was becoming more industrialised and a lot less fun than in the early pioneering days. I was bored – and fed up with commuting in London. So I moved up here to Edinburgh where I’ve been doing a variety of jobs.

The most interesting job to date was working as a tour guide on one of the city’s famous underground ghost tours, including going along to some overnight ghost hunts and seances. I saw some spooky stuff down there!

Writing has always been a hobby of mine. Back in the pre-internet days I had a few stories published in the independent press; I’m eternally grateful to the editors of those magazines for their support.

After (too long) a gap I got back into the writing habit and self-published my first collection of short stories – Rest In Fear – on Kindle Unlimited in August 2017. Having been re-bitten by the writing bug I’m at work on plenty more.