April 12 2018

Nightmare Fuse: White & Black

My latest release, Nightmare Fuse is now available for the Kindle through Amazon.

This is something different for me, a bit of an experiment. It’s a single short story, akin to one episode of a TV show. The idea is that each ‘episode’ will be a self-contained story but with shared characters and possible longer plot arcs.

The set-up is that a new, illegal street drug promises to allow a merging of minds. However in some cases it leads to the users becoming rapped in a shared virtual world constructed from their own worst nightmares.

If you have Kindle Unlimited then Nightmare Fuse is free to read, so give it a go and let me know what you think. Would you like to see more?

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March 27 2018

Zombie Shards

My latest book, Zombie Shards is now out.

The book follows the first day of a zombie uprising in a small English town. It’s written as a series of interlocking stories with different main characters. Some will survive, others won’t.

I think that the linked story approach is a good way to tackle a subject like zombie apocalypse. It allows me as a writer and you as a reader to experience a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

If this book proves popular, I’d happily write a second one telling the further stories of these characters and others.

Get Zombie Shards at Amazon

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September 18 2017

Rest In Fear 2


Rest In Fear 2 is now available on Amazon. Another 12 short, scary stories covering a variety of styles and topics.

The stories are:

  • Cheating Death
    A man learns how to beat the Grim Reaper
  • The Gift
    What’s in the box?
  • Bad Hair Day
    And you thought your hair was misbehaving…
  • VampNoMore
    A dreadful mis-stake
  • The Killer
    The making of a serial killer
  • Contact
    Ethan finds a downed alien spaceship
  • No Conclusions
    A fire in a chemical factory
  • All Clear
    Every time he crosses the road he hears a car approaching him
  • Sweet Dreams
    Dreams can become nightmares
  • Picture Of Misery
    He finds an old painting in a junk shop. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Perfect Day
    Falling through blackness, forever
  • Night Of Passion
    Solar flares cause people to behave strangely

I’ve spent days proof-reading the stories, but there’s probably at least one mistake I’ve missed. If you find one, please let me know. Thanks.

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August 8 2017

Rest In Fear

My first self-published collection of short stories – Rest In Fear – is now available on Amazon.

The book contains 12 stories, four of which have been published previously and eight of which are brand new. The twelve stories are:

  • Rest In Peace
    A dead man wakes up in a coffin
  • The Clown
    A woman returning home sees a clown ahead
  • Monday Morning Meeting
    How would you react if a tree spoke to you?
  • Last Night
    Amy and Teddy are scared of monsters
  • Calls Waiting
    A call centre receives a rather strange request
  • Play On
    If music be the food of lust…
  • Commuting
    Memories of my daily commute, or at least how it felt
  • Troublemakers
    Three guys argue about how to spend the night
  • As Above
    A man attempts a black magic ritual
  • The Stranger
    That weird guy in the pub? He’s a vampire!
  • Th Goblin In The Fridge
    A hungry goblin raids the fridge overnight
  • The End
    A woman considers suicide

Some of the stories are funny, some are extremely nasty – strictly for adults only.

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